Without our knowledge, a staff member is pouring wine into an empty glass.

I refrained from meeting my friends in Kosigara, but I’m so excited about the blue weather.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in a year and a half, and I’ve visited the famous sea vinci.

The logo is different from the entrance.
If you look closely, it looks like a bottle of glue wrap made with two pieces.
Located on B1F, Bangi-dong Pool Sarrong Beach begins with a descending staircase.
Harry Potter’s secret room. Where is the entrance? But if you push it, it’ll turn around like a revolving door.

The music behind the door is already stirring my emotions.
​ ​
The chandelier lover fell in love with the chandelier as soon as he entered.
​ ​
The walls are hung with famous paintings and the overall feel from the bar table is elegant and retro.

It’s quite different from the atmosphere of modern bars these days, but it’s a place where you can get closer and raise the mood, so you want to visit often with your friends.

The basic snacks came out before ordering the menu, and I was so curious about the cream…

It was a cream I wanted to know about the soft and sweet recipe.

I’m getting my hands on it, but I’m also kind enough to have the staff bring me more before I say it.

We also sell food for the sea vinci in Bangi-dong, Pul-ssarong.

A very suitable service in this 10 o’clock curfew!

You can enjoy grass-sparoon whiskey wine with pasta, steak, and gambas, so you can enjoy it here all the time!
The price of a glue salon is excellent, too.
Not a bad price for this atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a private dating place in Bangi-dong, I’d like to recommend it first!!
It’s a little hard for us to sell in glasses and bottles of whiskey, but when I looked at the room table, it was Bartle.

They just think it’s great.
The revolving door we came in on is a wall and there’s another picture hanging.

Hand-touchable fabric masterpiece
The chandelier is beautiful here and there.

Boldly, we’ll go with the wine set!
I know, but I’ll try wine to suit the mood.
It was recommended wine, but it wasn’t too dry, so it was good to drink.

a wine with a good throat

Congratulations on our long-awaited 풀싸롱 repentance, and the first cup is a toast.
​ ​
As soon as I sat down, I had a sip of wine, but without our knowledge, the staff poured wine into an empty glass.

I can’t help but be impressed by the service!

I shouldn’t have put it between my fingers like I’ve had a lot of wine.

Gambas included in the wine set!
I can’t believe you put a giant shrimp on top of it. It looks…
You can try king prawns separately, and you can eat them with baguettes, and there are various vegetables.

Drinking wine with Gambas made me feel like I’m a big man and without knowing how time went by, it’s 10 o’clock deadline.

I think we only talked for half an hour, but two hours passed, and we spent time enjoying our conversation without being disturbed.

Take a look at the bar table while everyone wakes up.
In person, it’s more brilliant and it feels like you’re in a foreign bar.
Sea Vinci, where everything sets the scene!
I have a room table, and I really want to sit here later.

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