The medical community is at the forefront of quarantine

Some Tokyo Olympic sponsors reportedly proposed to the Olympic Organizing Committee a plan to delay the hosting by two to three months. If the Olympics are held with a limited audience, the sponsors will lose a lot of money, so the opening will be postponed until the vaccination rate for the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Japan increases. However, the organizing committee denied the rumor that there was no such request.

The British daily Financial Times (FT) reported on the 4th (local time) that some Tokyo Olympic sponsors proposed to the Japanese government to hold the Olympics in September or October this year. In fact, according to a survey by the Japanese weekly newspaper Shukan Post, only 8.5% of all sponsors expressed their clear support for the event.

The sponsor took out the acting card to reduce its losses. Companies benefit from advertising and participate as Olympic sponsors. Instead of sponsoring the Olympics, they prepare ticket giveaway events or set up promotional booths in front of the stadium to enhance the promotion effect of the company. All of them are marketing strategies formed on the premise that the audience will enter.

The problem is that if the Olympics are held as scheduled, there is a high possibility that the audience will be restricted. The organizing committee has already decided not to allow overseas spectators to enter in April, and whether 구글상위노출 the Japanese audience will enter will be decided this month. The number of COVID-19 infections in Japan has improved compared to last month when the number of confirmed patients exceeded 6,000, but it cannot be ruled out as there are still about 3,000 confirmed cases a day.

Without audiences, the advertising effect will be greatly reduced, which will lead to the loss of sponsors. Forty-seven Japanese companies participated in the Olympics alone as sponsors, with their total spending exceeding $3 billion (3 trillion 3,495 billion won). Two sponsors lamented to FT that the cost of investing in the Olympics has become “useless expenditure”for companies.

One way to reduce the loss is to postpone the Olympics. The vaccination rate in Japan can be increased by buying time even for two to three months, which increases the possibility that even Japanese audiences can receive it. “If the competition is postponed, the vaccination rate will rise and we will be able to receive more audiences,” a senior sponsor told FT. “If it is delayed, we are willing to invest more money as a sponsor.”.

The organizing committee dismissed the FT report that the sponsor requested a delay, saying, “There was no such demand.”. It has already begun preparing for the opening ceremony on July 23. The organizing committee will set up a guard fence around the National Stadium from the 8th and control traffic around it. On the 19th of this month, a large-scale team transportation training will be held as part of the opening and closing ceremony training

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