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It’s been a long time since the recent spread of Covid-19.

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Today, we’re going to talk about a strong supporting pelvis.
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Our bodies connected like chains.

The body soon changes in other areas to protect certain parts of the body from imbalances or distortions.

Health problems such as external changes in shoulders, pelvis, twisted ankles, and various joint pain, disc digestive problems, headaches, genital diseases, infertility, etc. with different height of the curved back and right legs.

If your body deforms to the point where you can see it visually, it’s already a long-lasting imbalance.
We need to visit the hospital as soon as possible and correct the balance with accurate diagnosis and constant treatment.

Following the balance spine last time, today we’re going to talk about our body’s support pelvis.

If you’re curious about the spine story, please check the post below.

If you think you’re leaning, talk about balance and spine.

Hello, this is Sunjeongneung Station Terapi Inner Arc. Tomorrow marks the liberation of our country and inherits the rule of provisional government.

First of all, if you look at the structure of the pelvis, the hip bone, the cheek bone, which is formed from the hip bone, is located on the left and right sides, behind the hip bone and the tail bone.

In front of it, the two left and right hemispheres are connected in a circular shape, and the pelvis is wider than the front and back width, and the inside organs are located in a funnel shape that narrows down and narrows down.

So, the pelvis protects the internal organs, and at the same time, it’s correcting the spine above and supporting both legs below.
It transmits downward weight through the spine to the leg.

The pelvis, which serves as a strong support for us to walk and running.

However, if the pelvis is twisted due to the wrong lifestyle, it is important to take care of the pelvis so that it does not go wrong because there is a possibility that not only the spinal joint but also the organs in the body may have problems.
A twisted pelvis is
Pelvic distortion is literally distorted and the height of both pelvis is different when viewed visually.

Pelvic distortion occurs when the pelvis is twisted due to a broken walking posture due to sprain or injury.

Excessive exercise that causes persistent muscle strain.

In addition, the habit of sitting cross-legged or leaning back in everyday life.
The habit of sitting with things in your back pocket.
The habit of bagging only one-sided habit.
The habit of working long hours with your back bent, etc.

Unconscious habits can cause pelvic failure.
Pelvic failure can be divided into external symptoms visible to the naked eye and internal symptoms.

External symptoms Visually visible symptoms

Internal symptoms Body symptoms
Menstrual pain Shoulder pain Waist pain Small leg Coldness Sleep
and so on

The symptoms mentioned earlier are often passed on to those experienced by most modern people.

Even though it’s a recurring symptom, if you keep preventing it, you can reach a situation where you feel difficulty in your daily life.

If you’ve experienced the aforementioned symptoms or pain in your buttocks while sitting down, suspect a twisted pelvis.

Please check the self-diagnosis method underneath the pelvis.

Self-diagnosis of a twisted pelvis
Both toes are at different angles when the legs are relaxed in a lying position.
The pants and skirt only go one way.
The arms and legs differ in length from side to side in the upright position.
The height of both pelvis is different when standing.
I often sprained my ankle.
The heels of all the shoes are worn out differently.

If any of the above symptoms are present, you may suspect a twisted pelvis.

If you suspect a broken pelvis, please visit the hospital as soon as possible for accurate diagnosis and treatment. If you are looking for ways to help correct your pelvis, please visit our Gangnam Business Trip Inner Arc.

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Today, we talked about balance pelvis.

If you need help regaining your balance, please visit Inner Ark for a business trip to Gangnam.

I’ll help you balance your body by stretching and relaxing your body.
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