The beads turn blue, they lose all their energy and die.

Web Hard Mouse Follow-up
tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday Webhard: The first live-in episode.
Let’s start the first review right away.
Plot and review of falling cohabitation between Wednesdays and WebHard tvNs
Oh, my introduction is late. I’m a nine-tailed fox.
I have no regard for you and grant you my wish.
The first scene of the first episode begins with the appearance of CNU Yeo in the past.
A nine-tailed raincoat living among the people.
He told the nine-tailed fox that God would grant his wish and that he would be able to become a human being if the fox beads were dyed red to blue before the millennium old.
After a long time, you become numb to everything, even the meaningless time to pretend to be love.
Time has passed since then, and the scene shifts to the present.

Now Wu Yue has lived for a long time, so he knows the situation at that time very well and is working as a history writer through it.
These days, you’ve been building an iron wall without even considering gathering energy from women.

Then, in front of Wooyeo, Jaejin, who appears to be drunk, and Dami, who tries to stop him, appears.
Uh-huh seems like his friend’s drunk, so he’s gonna tell him the car’s fine and let them go.
And the sound of Dami’s heart comes out of his mouth when he looks handsome and kind.
But Jae-jin almost caused the wall to fall.
We’re trying to catch him, but he’s going to stop the accident.
The accident that the fox bead fell for the wall.
Oh, my introduction is late. I’m a nine-tailed fox.
You’re crazy.

He swallows the marble, falls asleep, and wakes up in Wu Yue’s house.
Wu Yer eventually reveals to Dami that the bead exists and that he is a nine-tailed fox.
You said you were meant to be in the same boat.
At first, I didn’t believe him, and I was so surprised to see the real Gumiho.
And, of course, afraid, Dami scurries home.
I met a nine-tailed fox. He might come for me. Then you can shoot a bow.

I thought about it and confessed to my sister that I saw a nine-tailed fox, but she thinks she’s talking nonsense. Of course.
It’s been 75 years. I can’t do this anymore. I became a human being four years ago.

Meanwhile, we’re getting a call from Wu Yue, who seems to be expecting Dami to visit us someday.
It’s an old girlfriend, not an old girlfriend.
Because her girlfriend, Hye-sun, was caught at the police station.
Hyesun is now a human being and can no longer use magic, so she called Wooyeo.
Looks like you’ve stopped collecting regulars.
Don’t pretend you don’t know idioms because you’re ignorant of a wide range of things.

Hye-sun is teasing Woo-yeo, who is 700 years old and still can’t be human even though she is still 999 years old.
And I’m just looking at Hyesun.
It’s a clear picture of their relationship.
Meanwhile, Dami complains of a stomachache on the bus and turns white, and later at school, she falls down when her male colleague plays tricks on her.
The pain will only go away if my hand touches it.

The reason is that he collapsed in pain because of contact with a man born in the Year of the Pum.
Uh-huh. I thought you’d come to see me about this is what happened.
And that’s why I asked you to move in with me.
So eventually, the forced cohabitation of Dami and Wu Yue begins.
I thought I was filming a horror movie from day one, but Wu Yueh was nocturnal, trimming the garden at night, and the blood in front of the refrigerator was the sun.
And on that day, he was so surprised that he had a good night’s sleep.
The next day, I almost fell in love with Woo-yeo, who was so perfectly handsome.
Plus, it’s the best way to pay tuition.
And on this day, Wu-yeo’s away on a business trip.
Of course, I’m doing the blunt instrument properly in case it bothers me.

He heads to the club to burn the night with his friends.
But the guy who was flirting with Dami at the club was born in the year of the bum, and 웹하드순위 Dami was dragged helplessly.
And I felt something was wrong.
I’ve been looking for you for a while.

That’s how Wooyer runs to Dami.
And the next one falls straight to Wu Yue.
And so he gets back with Wu Yueh safely.
I have no choice but to keep the Webhard ranking. So why don’t you be a little less afraid?

How can he do no harm to Dami because he has a marble for Dami? He wants to be less afraid of Dami.
And tell Dami the horrible story that if she doesn’t get the marble out in a year, she’ll die.

I wonder if our promise?
I wonder if I can get rid of the marble a year before I turn a year after staying safe next to Wu Yue.
The beads turn blue, they lose all their energy and die.

I think it was a sashimi that stood out for Dami’s flairiness and Wooyeo’s gentleness.
I’m calling him “Gumiho” now, but I think it’ll get more fun when he starts calling me “old man” in earnest.
That’s it for the 11th episode of Webhard Living Review.

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